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ATM Placement

Have an ATM Installed At No Cost!

Free ATM Placement Program

Full Service Placement: Qualified locations can have an ATM installed at no cost.
Merchant Loaded Placement: At no cost to you, an ATM of America, Inc. technician will install an ATM at your location while you utilize the tools we provide to maintain, replenish, and manage your own ATM.

ATM Processing

Whether you choose to purchase a new or used ATM or have one placed through our Free ATM Placement Program; can provide you with processing services. Our nationally recognized ISO status allows us the opportunity to provide competitive rates that will maximize your profits, provide you accessibility to real-time reporting, and trustworthy service and tech support team to minimize downtime.

Our continued success is built on our promise to provide tailored solutions to our clients’ needs. In doing so, our clients’ growing concerns with credit card processing motivated us into launching subsidiary companies; Platinum Processing Services, a credit card processing company; and Municipal Payment Solutions, a web and kiosk payment processor for governmental agencies. The drive to ensure the satisfaction of every single merchant from the seasonal fireworks tent to district courthouses has made Accountexx Corporation a reliable business partner.