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Accountexx was built on the vision that all service companies, big or small, should have the facility of using modern technology to perform daily tasks, like scheduling, estimates and invoices. Contract company managers often reach peak points where they can no longer complete daily tasks, maintain work quality standards, all while growing customers and workforce staff.. Accountexx will cut the time needed for daily tasks in half, maintaining the quality of the workforce virtually by increasing communication, leaving the company time to concentrate on growth and attaining new customers.

The current resources available for small to mid-sized service companies, in the residential multi-family industry, lack efficiency. If you have ever used a scheduling software, you will notice that all initial inputs must be made by the end-user. Some estimating and invoicing software do not come with a schedule section, and very few give your company access for your laborers. Accountexx wants to set a standard of managing company workforce that will be unique to our competitors. We not only facilitate the input section of daily jobs, we do our research on the property being handled and make sure only those jobs that pertain to certain units be present. We encourage participation on the software by all involved in the process of completing a job, from the property manager to the service technician handling the job. Our goal is to help your company establish the tools and procedures required to drive your business forward..